Scholarship Program "Studies in France"

  • I have already applied for last year's scholarship campaign to study in France in 2023-2024. Can I reapply?

Yes. Please note that this Scholarship campaign is a new edition. You can definitely reapply this year to study in France in 2023-2024:

    • I created my account online, but I did not receive a confirmation e-mail to activate my account.

    Please check your inbox for junk mail. Otherwise, please make sure the e-mail address provided is correct.

    • What should be the language of the desired course in France?

    You can apply for courses taught in French and/or English. See the page Study in France to find out how to look for your university course in France.

    • What level of proficiency in French and/or English is required to win a scholarship?

    The level of proficiency in French and/or English is required by universities and is consistent with the programme of study to be followed. Exclusive proficiency in Portuguese will not be enough.

    Some sponsors propose that French lessons be planned before staying in France so as to prepare for life in France. But we invite applicants to strengthen their level of French. To find out more about French classes at the Centro Cultural Franco-Mozambicano:

    Sponsors do not offer English classes. Anyone who intends to take a course taught in English must have the level required by the university, usually B2 level.

    • If I am applying for a programme taught in English, can I apply for a scholarship?

    Yes, if you register in a programme offered by any French higher education institution and if your application fulfils the eligibility criteria. The programme considered must be a degree, “bachelor universitaire de technologie” or Master’s.

    Sponsors do not offer English classes. Those wishing to study a

    course taught in English must have the level required by the university, usually level B2.

    • I will not receive my certificate before 20th January 2024 (12th grade, bachelor's, Master’s). Can I apply?

    Yes. The transcript and the list of subjects studied will be essential for the assessment of your application. However, if you do not receive your certificate before 20th January 2024, you can apply with the documents you currently have (transcript, previous degree, if applicable).

    The last degree obtained will be required if your application is shortlisted.

    • Does confirmation of winning a scholarship automatically entitle you to register in a course in France?

    No. The selection criteria and deadlines are different for each course and higher education institution in France. Scholarships will only be confirmed if a laureate is officially registered in the chosen programme of study prior to their departure to France.

    Scholarship beneficiaries will be supported in the search for courses and in the registration procedure by the French Embassy in Mozambique and by the companies.

    • Among the criteria mentioned, which are the most decisive for the award of the scholarship?

    The CV and the motivation letter are mandatory for assessment of the application.

    Each criterion (excellence of the applicant, quality of the study project, motivation of the applicant, level of proficiency in foreign languages) is a deciding factor.

    • What is the minimum average required to apply?

    There is no minimum average imposed in order to compete. Applications are assessed according to the academic project, the motivation and the relevance of the career plan for Mozambique.

    • What form should the presentation of the personal project take?

    The presentation of the personal project (future plans) should provide the Advisory Board with key elements that will help assess the applicant's choices in terms of host university, curriculum and research topic with regard to their previous studies. This presentation should clearly highlight the applicant's motivation. There are no specific requirements regarding this form of presentation.

    • What is included in a full scholarship?

    The scholarship provides for a monthly allowance (enough to cover all subsistence and accommodation expenses), social security coverage for the entire stay in France, an exemption from academic fees (up to 5,000 euros), priority in accommodation at the student residence, and a return plane ticket from France to Mozambique.

    The scholarship does not include the cost of accommodation or food.

    • What if I do not want to be part of the specific programme organised for the laureates for the period between April and July 2024?

    The programme is designed to better prepare and equip students to integrate into life in France and the world of work after their studies. Participation in every aspect of this programme is conditional to the final award of this scholarship. This also applies to applicants on a waiting list.

    • What happens if I am not able to complete my studies in France?

    Strong motivation, a mature personal project and a commitment to complete a programme of study are part of the laureate selection criteria. The scholarship can be terminated at any time if the laureate is not meeting their study requirements.

    • After completing your studies in France, is it mandatory to return to Mozambique?

    The objective is to return to Mozambique and contribute to the country's development.

    • What is the France-Mozambique Scholarship Programme policy towards women and previously underprivileged persons?

    We strongly encourage all applicants, including persons with disabilities, female students and students from disadvantaged backgrounds, to apply for the Scholarship Programme.

    • Can I go to the embassy for information or to apply?

    There is no need to go to the embassy, ​​please refer to this website. No hard copy applications are accepted, the application is exclusively online.