Scholarship Program "Studies in France"

Programme overview

The France - Mozambique Scholarship Program is the result of a partnership between companies based in Mozambique, the University of La Reunion and the French Embassy in Mozambique and Eswatini.

These scholarships are aimed for the youth and professionals from Mozambique and Eswatini who are over 18 years of age (or who will turn 18 before June 30, 2024) and wish to undertake higher education in France. The courses will be in either French or English at the "bachelor universitaire de technologie"-BUT, "master" and exceptionally "doctorat" levels from September 2024.

The scholarship program covers Mozambican nationals of all genders and from all the provinces of the country residing in Mozambique . For example, last year, this program offered 29 scholarships, of which 45% were awarded to female applicants, but we also had significant participation from the provinces, which resulted in the admission of 41% fo students from provinces outside Maputo such as Cabo Delgado, Manica, Nampula, Sofala, Tete, Inhambane and Zambezia.

For the 29 French government scholarships in 2023, 27 were co-financed by TotalEnergies EP Mozambique Area 1, Lda., 1 resulted from a partnership with the Franco-Mozambican Association of Human and Social Sciences (AFRAMO CHS) and 1 totally financed by French government.

The French Embassy also offers master's scholarships to EmaSwati citizens. EmaSwati citizens are then welcome to apply.

These scholarships reinforce existing training programs and partnerships. They are testimony to France's deep bilateral cooperation ties with Mozambique and Eswatini and underline the fundamental role played by public-private partnerships in the country's development.


All fields of study relevant to the development of Franco-Mozambican cooperation are eligible, in particular:

"Bachelor universitaire de technologie"-BUT level (taught 100% in French) :

Sciences and Engineering

  • BUT Chemistry
  • BUT GB - Biological Engineering
  • BUT GCCD - Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction
  • BUT GC GP - Chemical and Process Engineering
  • BUT GEII - Electrical Engineering and Industrial IT
  • BUT GIM - Industrial Engineering and Maintenance
  • BUT GMP - Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering
  • BUT HSE - Health, Safety and Environment
  • BUT INFO COM - Information and Communication
  • BUT MLT - Logistics and Transport Management
  • BUT MMI - Multimedia and Internet
  • BUT MP - Physical Measurements
  • BUT MT2E – Energy Transition and Energy Efficiency
  • BUT PEC - Packaging, Packaging and Packaging
  • BUT RT - Networks and Telecommunications
  • BUT SD - Data Sciences
  • BUT SGM - Materials Science and Engineering

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • BUT CJ - Legal careers
  • BUT CS - Social careers
  • BUT GACO - Administrative and commercial management of organizations
  • BUT GEA - Business Management and Administration
  • BUT QLIO - Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization
  • BUT TECH de Co - Marketing techniques

“Master” and “Doctorat” levels

Arts and Letters

  • Fine arts, Visual arts, Spatial arts.
  • Music, Theatre, Performing Arts.
  • Languages, Literature, Translation, and Interpretation.

Sciences and Engineering

  • Mathematics, Physics, Electronics, Mechanics.
  • IT, Networks and Telecommunications, Digital, Technology.
  • Chemistry, Hygiene, Safety and Environment.
  • Biology, Environmental Sciences.
  • Geology, Geosciences.
  • Agronomy, Food processing.
  • Logistics, Transport, Maintenance.
  • Architecture, Urban Planning, Civil Engineering.

Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Political and Legal Sciences, International Relations, Public Administration.
  • Economics, Finance, Business management, auditing, and accounting.
  • Geography, Sociology.
  • History, Archeology.
  • Communication, Journalism.
  • Education sciences.
  • Philosophy, Theology.

Health and Sport

  • Medical and paramedical sciences.
  • Public health, medical-social, administration.
  • Veterinary sciences - Sports sciences.

A reminder that the list presented above deals with field of study and not specific courses, so we invite applicants to research existing courses within each field.


  • From 1st November 2023 to 20th January 2024, 10:00pm (Mozambique time): deadline for online application
  • End of February 2024: written exams for eligible candidates for the "Bachelor universitaire de technologie"-BUT
  • February 2024 – May 2024: registration period at French universities for the ''Master'' and ''Doctorat' levels,
  • Mid-March 2024: interviews with shortlisted candidates, "Bachelor universitaire de technologie"-BUT "Master" and "Doctorat" levels
  • Mid-April 2024: results announced
  • May 2024- August 2024: preparation sessions for living in France, in Maputo/online
  • End of August - beginning of September 2024: departure to France and start of classes.

A few notes on applying for the scholarship programme:

1. All applicants must prepare their own academic project (do research on the French public courses and universities that fit their research project and career plan) which will be requested at the time of application.



    For the ''Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie"-BUT, admissions are managed by the French Embassy together with the universities in France.

    3. Prepare your language level and certification, according to the requirements of the desired university. This level must be reached at the time of registration at the university (between February and May).

      Eligibility requirements

      To be eligible for the Scholarship programme, applicants must:

      • You must have Mozambican or Eswatini nationality;
      • You must be resident in Mozambique or Eswatini;
      • in due time, be registered with a French higher education institution to start a Master’s or Doctorate course from September 2024. Registration at French universities takes place between February and May.

      For the Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie, the application will be made by the French Embassy together with the university partners. Applicants for the "Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie''-BUT do not have to apply to universities.

      The scholarship is granted for a certain period of time of residence in France, corresponding to the time required to obtain the certificate. At the end of the first academic year, the student's success will be verified so that they may continue with their studies in the second year of the Master’s programme.

      For the Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie: the Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie programmes have a duration of 3 years.

      For the Master’s: Master’s programmes have a duration of 2 years.

      For the Doctorate: Doctorates have a duration of 3 years.

      Scholarship details

      This is a full Scholarship and it includes:

      • Return ticket from Mozambique-France/Eswatini-France
      • A monthly allowance (enough to cover all subsistence and accommodation expenses in France)*
      • Priority for access to a student residence in France*
      • Payment of the annual cost of fees at the higher education institution in France (maximum of 5,000 euros/academic year, at a public higher education institution, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research)**, paid only once at the beginning of the year (one-off fee)
      • The visa fee waiver
      • Social security during your stay in France
      • Administrative and logistical assistance from Campus France, operator of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

      *The scholarship does not provide access to self-catering accommodation in France. The scholarship beneficiary has to research and pay for their accommodation with their allowance.

      **Tuition expenses in excess of 5,000 euros/year will not be covered by this Scholarship.

      ONLINE Application

      The application must be submitted online before 20 january 2024, 10pm (Mozambique time), and must include:

      1) Mandatory documents for all applicants:

      • Copy of passport or identity card;
      • Curriculum vitae containing full academic and professional history (maximum of 1-2 pages): in Portuguese, or in English for those wishing to take a course taught in English;
      • Motivation letter (recommended max. 1 page): in Portuguese or in English for those wishing to take a course taught in English.

      - Describe your academic and professional situation;

      - Highlight your study project in France;

      - Explain the fit between your studies in France and the relevance of your career plan in Mozambique.

      2) Mandatory documents according to the desired education level

      Go to the section Study in France to find out about the French university system

      a) For Bachelor Universitaire de Technologie applications:

      • Copy of 12th grade certificate or equivalent;
      • If it is not possible to obtain a 12th grade certificate by 20th January 2024, a statement from the school confirming the completion of high school will be sufficient.

      b) For Master’s degree applications:

      • Copy of university degree(s) or certificate(s);
      • Declaration of courses completed that includes the results of the 3rd and 4th year of the degree (academic transcript).

      c) For Doctorate applications:

      • Copy of university degree(s) or certificate(s);
      • Statement of courses completed that includes the results of the 1st and 2nd year of the Master’s degree (academic transcript);
      • Research project (4 - 10 pages);
      • Proof of interaction with one or more potential thesis supervisors in France.

      Students who have completed their degree (Bachelor or Master) abroad must present the equivalences issued by the Instituto Nacional de Exames, Certificação e Equivalências (INECE) em Mozambique.

      Some notes on certificates and other documents

      • The authenticity of certificates will be verified.
      • For this stage of application, certificates and transcripts in the original language are sufficient, i.e., no translation is required. A translation into French may be required if the application is selected.

      3) Optional documents:

        • Research project for Master’s degree (max. 2-4 pages);
        • Personalised academic and/or professional recommendation that explains the relevance of the applicant's study project, in relation to their academic/professional training and ambitions after graduation in France;
        • Language proficiency certificates: French (TCF, DELF/DALF, academic degree...) or English (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge certificate, academic degree...).

        Selection process


        Applicants will be selected for interviews if:


        • they have distinguished themselves in their academic and/or professional career;
        • they submit a coherent, harmonious study project that has a career plan;
        • they completed their online registration on this website and duly completed all the spaces presented on it, inserting the required documents;
        • they had good results in the selection exams organised by the ADIUT - Assembly of Directors of the University Institutes of Technology with the support of the French Embassy and the Sponsor.


        • they have distinguished themselves in their academic and/or professional career;
        • they submit a coherent, harmonious study project that has a career plan;
        • they completed their online registration on this website and duly completed all the spaces presented on it, inserting the required documents;
        • they submit proof of application at 3 or more universities (Master’s)
        • they submit the language certificate required by the university where they applied;


        • they have distinguished themselves in their academic and/or professional career;
        • they submit a coherent, harmonious study project that has a career plan;
        • they completed their online registration on this website and duly completed all the spaces presented on it, inserting the required documents;
        • they provide proof of interaction or a letter of engagement from one or more thesis directors/supervisors or a research laboratory in France
        • they submit the language certificate required by the university where they applied;


          Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed in Portuguese or English, depending on the academic project.

          In order to identify the scholarship beneficiaries, the Advisory Board will consider:

          • The applicant’s skills and merit, as indicated by their academic background and professional experience;
          • The quality of your study project and its coherence with your previous studies;
          • The level of proficiency in foreign languages ​​and its adequacy with the suggested curriculum;
          • It is essential that applicants present, by June 20th, at least one admission letter of the university (master's degree) and the qualification letter by one or more thesis supervisors in France (doctorate).

          The final deliberations and decisions cannot be disputed.


          Applicants should not take the initiative to establish follow-up contacts regarding the status of their application. Applicants and laureates will be contacted individually if necessary.

          The final results will be announced in Mid-April 2024. The results will consist of a list of confirmed laureates and a waiting list.

          No ranking on any of the lists is communicated to applicants. Confirmed laureates need to comply with all scholarship programme administrative requirements and rules.

          For selected students:

          • Finalise your registration in the study programme you indicated during your scholarship application.
          • Participate in the preparatory sessions for living in France that will be held between May 2024 and August 2024, in Mozambique. Some sponsors may offer intensive French courses during this period.
          • After your departure to France, commit to the study project for which you were selected. Any changes to the scholarship beneficiary’s programme of study must be submitted to the sponsors for approval.
          • Live in France for the entire period of your studies.

          For applicants on the waiting list:

          There is a good chance that wait-listed students can move up in the main list, depending on availability. They will be informed individually. Thus, applicants on the waiting list are highly encouraged to continue the procedure and secure their registration in French higher education institutions. They will have to participate in online French courses and possible internships. If they fail to do so, they will be removed from the list.

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